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Facebook is nowadays the most popular social network in the world thanks to its more than 200 millions of users.

Sure you are in Facebook. You'll have noticed that you can have a lot of information uploaded and you and your friends can keep in touch and share experiences thanks to the quantity of things you can do by using Facebook. One of the most common tasks people do when using Facebook is to look t photos and watch videos of the rest of friends.

It's easy to save a picture, you only have to right-click the photo and choose the option save image as, but when you want to download and save a video, things get more difficult.

That's why we offer you Facebook Video, an useful add-on for Firefox that allows you to download any video from Facebook and save it as .mp4.

This add-on will add 4 new options to your social network menu: Download vídeo, embed video, customize code and convert video.

In case we want to convert the video, the application will send us automatically to Zamzar.com, a free video conversion website that will send to your e-mail the download link for the converted video.
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